Robben Island

Gun Restoration

Robben Island today. Table Mountain in the background; looking almost due West.





What a feat it has been for the personnel of MLB Architects and the Robben Island Museum to bring the gun back to its former glory. My mother, then Barbara Ueckermann, joined the army during WW2, after matriculating in 1942, and trained on Robben Island in the Coast Artillery. She then went on to "man" the gun by working in the plotting room below. Up till now the military history has been neglected and it is great for the world to see this story also.


Thanks to Andre Vom Hagen for these pictures of the ceremony and the final product. Now all we have to do is convince the RIM to let them fire the only semi-operation 9.2 inch gun in the world!
















Mr Sibongiseni Mkhize, CEO of Robben Island Museum     Mr T Goduka, General Manager of Armscor


Major General  Dunbar-Moodie, at 99 years old, and one of the few survivors to tell the                         tale of the Coast Artillery.









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